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Leopold translations provides you with prompt and accurate results for all your translation needs and thanks to our comprehensive working knowledge and experience we are able to offer a high quality service with competitive rates.

As our business operates entirely online we able to cut down on fixed costs passing these savings directly to our customers.

Get a free, no-obligation quote and we should respond to your language translation request within a few hours or feel free to contact our online operator for any queries or information by clicking on the “Live Help” button.
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We are experts in language solutions

We specialise in English to Italian and Italian to English translations, whether it is a catalogue, letter, contract, insurance policy or email, your translation needs will be guaranteed by our team of expert Italian translators.

All of our projects are revised and proofread by a second translator to guarantee utmost quality. We find this to be a very important aspect that cannot be neglected as it eliminates any interpretation errors.


The Italian language is spoken by 57 million people plus large Italian communities residing abroad. The language can be very complex particularly when dealing with legal documents such as contracts and lawsuits. This is why, as a translator, it is very important to understand the basic meaning of each sentence thereby providing the best possible interpretation, as the legal system in Italy can be quite sophisticated.
Italian grammar is typical of most romance languages and is particularly similar to Spanish.

All of our Italian translators have extensive experience in different areas: technical, legal, medical, etc and thanks to our long-term working relationship, we are able to offer our customers the best quality-price ratio

Our services range from simple to complex translations in the following sectors:


  • - catalogues

  • - websites

  • - advertising material, etc..


  • - financial statements

  • - audit reports

  • - other financial documents


  • - instruction manuals, reports

  • - programmes


  • - court proceedings

  • - insurance policies

  • - agreements, certificates etc..


  • - brochures, leaflets

  • - hotel pamphlets, etc..